Enlightenment.com, a Fresh Romantic Comedy

Please click here to attendAnyyone interested in dinner before or drinks  after, please let Peter know! We are attending the premier! I’ve never been to  this venue but usually a Premier night offers a post performance social and  snacks/drinks!Enlightenment.com, a Fresh Romantic Comedy,  Premieres at Vanguard’s Lyceum Theater in Costa Mesa.


See the West Coast premiere of this fresh romantic comedy, which takes a  humorous and insightful look at modern-day relationships and the struggle to  connect in today’s world of modern technology. When the play opens, we meet  Vince, a 30-something bachelor about to get married for the first time. Suddenly  and quite unexpectedly, a former lover RSVPs to the wedding, causing Vince to  search his soul and question the leftovers from his unresolved past. In his  quest to resolve these issues, Vince finds an “Enlightenment Therapist” who  interchangeably (and hilariously) plays the role of dream analyst, online  minister and Shakespearean fool. Along the way, we get taken along Vince’s  attempts to correct his past mistakes and navigate a more enlightened future  with his new love, which is easier said than done in today’s world of texting,  instant messaging and social media. Will love win out over technology?








Lyceum Theater Location

  • More ticketing and box office info  here
  • The Lyceum Theater is at the rear of the Vanguard University campus. Drive  south on Newport Boulevard past Fair Drive and turn right at the third driveway  opening. The Lyceum Theater is toward the far right end of the parking lot. Parking is free.

Lyceum Theater Map


Apple’s Upcoming iPhone: What We Know

By Scott Austin


We’re likely a few months away from the next iPhone release — and from watching hordes of people stampeding through the doors of Apple stores. In light of today’s news that the upcoming iPhone will have a thinner screen, here’s a recap of what we know about the newest model.

Release date: Analysts expect the phone to hit the market in the fall. The first four iPhones all came out in the summer in either June or July. But last year’s iPhone 4S launched on Oct. 14. There are lots of rumors on the release date — a blog called Know Your Mobile, for instance, says it “can exclusively reveal” the date will be Aug. 7. As anyone who follows Apple releases know, most rumors tend to be false. In any case, all the major carriers are expected to begin selling the iPhone at launch.

Name: Apple tricked everyone last year when it named its newest model the 4S rather than 5. It surprised the blogosphere again this year by calling its latest tablet the “new iPad” rather than the iPad 3, indicating it’s doing away with numbering conventions. So don’t be surprised if this is simply called the “new iPhone.”

Screen: The Wall Street Journal reports today that the iPhone will have a thinner screen using in-cell technology from display makers Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display. The screen is thinner because it does without a touch-screen layer that is about a half a millimeter thick. That improves the quality of the images. The screen will also be larger, measuring at least 4 inches diagonally, compared with 3.5 inches all of the iPhone models.

Features: The phone will boast the new operating system, iOS 6, which Apple says comes with 200 new features, including enhancements to “voice assistant” Siri; a new 3-D maps service with turn-by-turn navigation; integration with Facebook; a “Do Not Disturb” feature to avoid unwanted messages at night; and a new app called Passbook organizes loyalty cards, tickets and boarding passes to display the right card when needed.

Survey says: Piper Jaffray just canvassed 400 people in the U.S. and Asia for its annual cell-phone survey and found that 65% of those planned to make an iPhone their next smartphone, and of those 51% said they were waiting for newest model.

FOR SALE: NetGear ProSafe (GS116) 16-Ports External Switch

NetGear  ProSafe (GS116) 16-Ports External Switch


Please Call – Michael (714) 497-3781 E-mails received without a contact phone number are not likely to receive a response. Please include a contact number!
NewEgg is selling this for $146, get a nearly new unit in it’s original packaging for less! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833122139
Features Each port delivers up to 2000 Mbps of network speed (full duplex) Fast, auto-switching and auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet connection 16 switched ports provide bandwidth for PCs, servers or switches Auto Uplink™ automatically adjusts for straight-through or crossover cables Supports jumbo frames up to 16 KB Honors TOS/802.1p prioritization
Full size pics can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/timesharevacationnow/sets/72157630609052512/

Goldstar Perks!

I’m of course preoccupied from time to time but … I’m a Red Velvet member of Goldstar which is supposed to lead to better seats where there is assigned seating.  Also, I’m a GS promoter … so if I’m able to help coordinate an activity in the future I can offer the following:

  • Purchase a block of tickets and get full refund for the ones we don’t use (must cancel unused tickets roughly a few days Before performance … I get credit rather than refund but if we do this enough I don’t have an issue about the credit)
  • By purchasing in a block we ensure group seating for assigned seats.
  • I am assigned better location seats when there is assigned seating, when compared to non Red velvet members.
  • At times I get slightly larger discounts (usually through a 24 hour mailing notice)
  • When new people join thru my links I get $3 (I can use all the money I can get these days)
  • If enough people buy through my links (even when I don’t get $3) I receive perks to offer my clan!

I’m happy to help co-ordinate group bookings, please remember payments must be in cash or if by Paypal the payment method must be Personal/Other made from a bank account (no debit or credit cards), or we co-ordniate adding the cost of Paypal fees into the pricing!

Join my Facebook Goldstar Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/446014605430292/

New Goldstar Members please click here http://tracking.goldstar.com/SH2e


Samuel Adams Boston Lager best to drink after 10 years :)

OK, unusual having a Sam Adams Boston Lager with my yummy salad … check out my second pic 😉


That’s Right BabY, that best to drink before April 2003 for Brewery Fresh Tast is a LIE!  This beer had to have been brewed in 2002, making it 10 YEARS OLD, and it was as good or better than any beer you can buy and drink today 🙂  With a sweet, smooth caramel brown flavor making your mouth thirst for more, I’m sad there was only one hiding in my multiple refridgerators over the 10 year period I stored it!  I wonder how much electricity I used, keeping it cool ….


Big Bear Chili Festival July 14th

The Old Miner’s host the Big Bear Chili Cook-Off is July 14th!  Over 40 chili cooks come to Big Bear to compete with local cookers in this International Chili Society (ICS) sanctioned cook-off, each hoping to be the winner and go on to the all-California competition. Four categories will be judged: red chili, green chili, salsa, and people’s choice. 

Big Bear Old Miners Days Chili Cook Off and Country Jamboree




– 7:30PM Big Bear Discovery Center Night Hike – start at Serrano campground kiosk.  Have to call Thursday morning to see if spots are available.


FRIDAY July 13

– Unplanned day for hiking or lake activities!

– 7PM Calcutta Dinner & Chili Booth Auction at Wyatt’s  Cafe & Saloon!  Cost is $10 and regular menu prices apply for beverages and appetizers, plus any bidding you do 😉 Bid in a live auction on the winning chili team that will compete the following day at the Big Bear Chili Cook-Off in the Village Bartlett Parking Lot. The person who buys the winning chili team splits the pot of dough with the chili champions!



– 9AM-11AM kayaking with guides from the Big Bear Nature Center 🙂

– 10AM Chili Festival starts

– 12PM I arrive at the Chili Festival 🙂 – Admission is free, for the chili enthusiast there is a $3 fee for a tasting kit which I anticipate you might have to buy more than once depending on how much you enjoy chili!

– 7PM Brent Payne and Dakota concert $10 or suggest another venue for us to enjoy!


SUNDAY July 15 – Open day for morning hike before returning home


EVENT LOCATION and details:

  • For information, contact Lucy Hokanson at (909) 436-9145, I think she works at the Convention Center.
  • There’s still an opportunity to do some cooking so grab an application from here or bigbearchilicookoff.com.
  • Admission to the chili cook off is free to all wishing to attend; however, for the chili enthusiast, there is a $3 fee for a tasting kit.
  • Remember to visit the Big Bear Visitor Center, at 630 Bartlett Road, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.  This event is not held here but it’s a nice area to explore!
  • The event will be at the Convention Center: 42900 Big Bear Blvd., Big Bear Lake, CA, 92315, at the corner of Big Bear Boulevard and Division Drive
  • Tickets for the Brent Payne and Dakota concert are now on sale. Click Here. Tickets are $10.
  • Enjoy the second annual Carnival with rides and games from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the same location. Presale tickets are $15 weekdays and $25 weekends. On the day of the event tickets will be $25 weekdays and $35 weekends. For tickets, visit www.OldMiners.org and click on the spinning Ferris Wheel.


If you’ve got a mountain-sized appetite and the chili isn’t doing the job, the Convention Center’s own Wyatt’s Restaurant (909) 585-3000 will be serving up great grub, and there’s a full bar.


Brent Payne

To round out the day, following the Cook Off, the Association is proud to present Brent Payne and Dakota in concert for a Boot Scootin’ Barn Dance good time.

Payne hits The Convention Center stage at 7 p.m.

Brent Payne has opened for numerous musical artists including: Garth Brooks; Willie Nelson; Buck Owens; 38 Special; Charlie Daniels; Lee Greenwood; Vince Gil; Randy Travis; BJ Thomas and Asleep at the Wheel.

Fresh from Las Vegas, this act covers every avenue of the music industry from jazz, classic rock, oldies, country and rhythm and blues. This artist and group will electrify the audience no matter what age. Las Vegas magazine “Show Biz Weekly” said: “This is exactly what Fremont Street needed. This group stops the foot traffic in their tracks and in a town like this that’s hard to accomplish.”

Dakota is a seasoned group with six professionals from every walk of life. Their musical influences run deep and include Irish, Classical, and very deep rooted Jazz. You couple that with a country boy from Oklahoma and you wind up with a very unique sound. For more about Brent Payne and Dakota, visit http://www.brentpayne.com.


My first car

I put a Monza muffler on my first car, a VW Karmann Ghia and it transformed from a pastry puff to a ferocious tiger 🙂 http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_TsdjySqKQlI/S01y2HzmhhI/AAAAAAAABkQ/z707_RBIVQw/s400/1973+Volkswagen+Karmann+Ghia.+-+2.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_Karmann_Ghia