What the Klout?

I’m two days into Klout and I have a few things to say …

just a sec …

getting there …

Good News!  Klout says Philipp N. Inja Tietjen is my B*t@h 😉 … my only B*t@h apparently since he is supposedly the only person I’m able to influence 🙂 … I would have thought the few hundred hot chicks I communicate with would be under my influence, but as a good friend told me recently I’m a “wanna be” player 😉  Hey, at least I started socializing with guys for the first time in 12 years!

Some Good News!  You can help improve the Klout of people in your social media networks by awarding them a “+K,” which, I suppose, is the same as “liking” something on Facebook. If you think that Joe Bloggs who is your Facebook friend is an influencer in say, Apple computers, you can assign him a “+K” in that subject. Then of course people in your network can reciprocate and award you “+K’s” in subjects in which they think you are an influencer. Look upon it as the Klout equivalent of eBay feedback or giving one another endorsements or recommendations.

All of these “+K’s” accumulate to make your Klout score rise … or better yet after you add me as your Influencer and +K me …

Bad News!  Klout is a lie!  They don’t really measure your influence.  All they do is measure the influence other people have around you.  So you’re not that interesting after all (I’m speaking to my “Influencers” with higher Klout scores) … the people who choose to grace you with their own importance apparently are the people with “Klout”…

More Bad News!  Klout wants you to stay interested and they do it by lying to you, confusing you, and using big words which mean nothing!  Reality check – You look at your puny list of people you influence and see the icon “Add an Influencer” … I want to know where the “Add someone to Influence” is!  I haven’t figured out the Topics section yet but I believe once I click to Tweet or FB I’ll be letting Klout advertise something in my account.  THAT’s what I want, more social influence by advertising for a company so THEY make money 🙂 … Well, OK maybe it’s just a way to bribe people into joining Klout by giving Klout 😉

Conclusion: Don’t pay attention to your Klout score … OK if you want those perks and freebies then more power to you!  Just remember, Klout is actually very simple.  Post content people will reply to and/or forward to others (like a re-tweet or a share), surround yourself with interactive friends and tweeters and ban the dead weight.  Oh yeah, +K me every day after you make me your Influencer because I really need the Klout mannnnnnn ’cause I’m hurtin bad 😉

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